Sunday Reads and Listens…And a Portfolio Spotlight on Walla a Studio Management Platform Built For The Boutique Fitness Industry

Good Sunday morning everyone…

The world continues to open up. Color me happy.

Pete is interviewing founders in our portfolio each week and this week he chats with Laura Munkholm a founder of Walla. Walla is a studio management platform build for the boutique fitness industry – yogo studios, pilates studios – everything from crossfit to dance studios. And the industry is booming. The Walla software platform does client management, scheduling, billing , and a host of other things required to run a business for a studio owner. Listen to Laura take you through the start, COVID setbacks, and the massive opportunity in international markets.

Fred Wilson writes about New York’s Tech Resurgence.

Matt Hartman says the next tech unicorn could come from anywhere (I am betting on that myself almost always since 2015):


How to become a stock market billionaire is an interesting read.

My friend Latif worked for Richard Branson a while before heading to M13 and he shared an essay on how he and his firm is thinking about web 3.0 ‘Crypto and the Consumer: The Road Ahead‘.

John Stewart is back on TV…the Apple TV version with a new show. He showed up as a podcast guest on Smartless and as always he was funny.

Conan O’Brien tribute to Norm Macdonald was good.

Have a good Sunday.