Sunday Reads and Listens…A Crash Course in Semiconductors

It is the last Sunday reading list of the year and I have been in slow mode all week, not reading much. I intend to do the same this coming week.

I decided I needed a crash course in all things semiconductors and assembled some excellent listens on the subject.

The 9th largest company in the world is The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and The Acquired FM podcast does a deep dive complete history.

Shane Parrish of The Knowledge Project has a deep dive ‘All About Semiconductors‘ episode that is great.

Odd Lots (I have been on their podcast to talk about SPAC’s) has a great podcast on the Dutch giant ASML which is on the cutting edge of chips.

Finally, Bloomberg recently had a piece on the chip shortage and why it might only get worse.

Now to the more entertaining content…

I did catch up on a favorite series of mine – Season 4 of Yellowstone.

My friend Russ Fradin recommended Mayor of Kingstown to me and that was a great binge so far. A very unique storyline and Jeremy Renner is great

I also started watching 1883 which is a ‘Prequel to Yellowstone’.

All three shows are paramount by the way which is pretty impressive in a world of the giants Netflix and HBO.

Ellen and I also finally got around to watching O.J. Made In America. It was very well done.

Hopefully these shows keep you busy during this holiday week.

I have an extremely busy January of deadlines and work that I am preparing for this week. Today I am going to do my last long ride of the year with my pal Jono.

Have a great Sunday.

PS – Ok one great read from this week was Matt Levine’s summary of The Purdue Bankruptcy That Did Not Work.