Sunday Reads and Listens – Could Things Break?

Happy Sunday.

It was a historical week as Russia invaded Ukraine. The tech public markets have been wrecked also tried to find a bottom.

General Stanley McChrystal gave an interview on Ukraine risk that I thought was worth sharing. Thanks Pete for sharing.

As for stocks, the tech bear market is likely a return to fundamentals.

I like this thread on what has happened in the markets from John Street Capital.

This Ben Thompson strategy piece on Shopify is great.

I listened to this podcast on sleep yesterday and managed not to fall off my bike.

The seed and fertilizer stocks are the strongest stocks in the market right now. Here is the ‘Visual Capitalists’ guide to agtech and food innovation.

My friend Josh Brown turned 45 this week. He had a great post on the day. This paragraph which included me and this quote from Sandra Day O’Connor was great:

Linette told me yesterday she thinks our mutual friend Howard Lindzon is aging in reverse. Yup. His kids are grown up and he was an angel investor in Robinhood. It all worked out. If and when I get there, I’ll feel younger too. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor knew how to avoid getting pinned down in an abortion debate. When a reporter asked her “When does life begin?” she replied “When the kids are out of college and the dog dies.”

I am off for a long ride. Have a great Sunday.