Sunday Reads and Listens – Finding Investors For Your Startup

Good Sunday morning everyone.

It has been a busy week for me. Knut and I taped NINE ‘Panic’ podcasts which we will start airing this week.

This week I am moving Max over to UNLV as he starts the PGA Hospitality program.

Before I get to the links…funny story…

Rachel and Max make me smile every day which when they were living with me would be something they did or said and now that they are not living with me it will be something they text or tell me about their life.

Yesterday, I was goofing off on Twitter and I ended up getting into a ‘tete a tweet’ with Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter and Square.

Early in the day I tweeted:

I own the stock and I love the product.

Later on in the day, my Tweet led to another thread that Jack chimed in on and the fun began…it also ended quickly as my daughter Rachel came over the top.

Do NOT mess with Rachel.

I am sure Jack believes he ‘got’ me with the ‘Quality over Quantity’ jab, but if you read through the thread I think it is obvious that the Lindzon’s prevailed.

So does this guy…

Anyways…the point of it all is Twitter is an incredibly vital product and I think undervalued.

Now to the main point of today’s reads and listens:

Yesterday I stumbled across a thread (YES, ON TWITTER) from Alex MacDonald that had a goldmine of links for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. The thread is here. Bookmark it.

At you can search for angel investors for free.

At you can search all venture capitalists by thesis.

If you are a founder or VC not using Twitter, you are not doing your job.

PS – One more read and one listen before I go...

Here is Morgan Housel with ‘Hanging by a thread‘.

Since crypto relevance is accelerating you might enjoy this Tim Ferriss interview with Naval Ravikant (founder of Angellist) and Mick Szabo. Take my word for it. It is good.

Have a great Sunday!!