Sunday Reads and Listens… HyperInflation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No links today …just me screaming ‘hyperinflation’ because everyone else seems to be.

Global Macro economist Jack Dorsey (who also co-founded Twitter, and Square) says hyperinflation is upon us.

I said:

Jack has good data, but so does every armchair fintwit and Stocktwits quarterback that can read a price chart. And there are price charts for EVERYTHING in 2021.

You can pay as much as you want for Yoga pants, hotel rooms or a sandwich but technology keeps doing it’s thing as well and McDonald’s is not horrible.

Arguing about hyperinflation is a waste of time.

If prices go up enough to the point they are politicized enough, you should be prepared.

Jack says buy Bitcoin. I did. It might dull the pain. You might also want to buy a bullet proof vest and a gun. I have not.

I say learn to invest which is pretty dumb of course because you need to have money.

I just do not know how to solve for giving everyone money other than giving everyone money which is why I make fun of macro economists and politicians and people with nose rings and silly beards.