Sunday Reads and Listens – No More Apologizing – Elon Musk and Peter Thiel Throwing Flames…

Happy Sunday.

I am headed home from South Carolina after three great days of cycling with friends from Toronto.

I will be in the studio this week taping some podcasts.

I had been sitting on my hands as a seed investor for the better part of 18 months but the last few months have been very busy with diligence and deal flow with some great founders at prices that make sense. It is always more exciting to be active than to be saying ‘NO’ all the time.

Next Saturday I am off to Mallorca to cycle with friends and then the FTX ‘Crypto Bahamas‘conference to end the month.

If you have not listened to my ‘Panic With Friends’ podcast with FTX’s Sina Nader I think you should.

This weekend, Elon Musk is already running Twitter by ‘Twitter Poll’s’ and it is fun to see. Hilariously, 91 percent of people think Twitter’s HQ in SF should be turned into a homeless shelter.

He also says NO ADS:

I am thrilled that the board and management will have to answer to someone who is a spirited user of the product.

Twitter has been apologizing for years acting as if they are the conscious of the world.

Elon will not apologize and I think Web 2.0 (centralization) for all its flaws is here to stay and the management teams and boards have to stop apologizing and build better products that users want.

Elsewhere, Peter Thiel is throwing fire and shade at Jamie Dimon, The FED and Warren Buffett. Peter is NOT to be trusted in my opinion, but it is nice to see him take down the old guard who are not to be trusted either.

Have a watch/listen to his keynote here.

As I have said on this blog for over a decade,’assume the markets are rigged’ and invest accordingly.

Follow smart people who have had a history of sharing consistently and are often correct (set up good filters).

These simple rules will improve your investing results significantly.

Have a great Sunday.