Sunday Reads and Listens…To Be A Gamer

I wish I was a gamer.

When I was a kid I played Risk but that was a board game and nobody plays board games anymore. I do love this episode of Seinfled where Kramer and Newman were having an epic game of Risk.

Not being a gamer has kept me out of some big winners in the stock market.

Luckily, I am told that all of Web 3 is a game and I have been an early investor in the sector.

I will start this week with a link back to Packy’s piece in May titled ‘The Great Online Game’ which is a great deep dive into the world ahead and how to see it from the perspective of a game.

A good follow on all things modern gaming is Blake Robbins. Watch who he interacts with as well to build a list of gaming follows.

Jackson Dahl is another follow I just made in gaming and esports.

Ben Thompson has a timely piece on Unity this week which is a good read.

A16z has been making social and gaming investments and you can probably learn a lot reading their essays on the investments.

Finally, here are a couple Patrick O’Shaughnessy podcasts with Blake Robbins and Joost van Dreunan to immerse you in the past and future of gaming.

Have a great Sunday.