Sunday Reads and My Conversation With John Kosner on the Intersection Of Sports Media and Technology

It is Master’s Sunday so I am heading for my long ride and than I am going to watch the final round of the Master’s with Max.

I was catching up on some reads yesterday and there were some great ones I thought I would share…

Charlie caught me up on the state of Amazon.

AI Pioneer Geoff Hinton on Deep Learning (the right semiconductor stocks will keep chugging).

Intel is NOT the right semiconductor stock…their disruption is now complete.

Vanity Fair deep dive on Elon Musk.

Finally…what a Biden presidency means for your finances.

A couple weeks ago I did a Zoom with my friend John Kosner. John is the president of Kosner Media, a digital media and sports consultancy.

Kosner’s record speaks for itself. He has garnered over four decades of experience at NBC Sports, CBS Sports, the NBA, Sports Illustrated; and, for 21 years, ESPN. Taking his experience in and knowledge of sports media, John began working in the start-up space. John, along with the late NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern, started Micromanagement Ventures back in 2018. The company is a portfolio of sports technology start-ups focused on media, betting and player health.

In this episode, John and I discuss what he knows best — the intersection of sports, media and tech. We also chat about the importance of working in spaces you’re passionate about, how John got into start-ups, his clients like the successful fitness tracker WHOOP, SPACs like DraftKings and more.

You can watch/listen here on You/Tube.

Have a great Sunday.