Sunday Reads….The Age of Funcertainty and The Art of Doom and Gloom

Happy Sunday…

I am headed on a 50 miler this morning so let’s get to the links. Today I have a wide variety of articles.

First up…Josh Brown with ‘The Age of Funcertainty‘.

Not to be a party pooper, but Paul Singer the king of Doomsday investing is profiled here.

Shortseller Jim Chanos has a few tricks up his sleeves.

The In-N-Out billionaire Lynsi Snyder discusses the past and the burger chains future.

Ben Thompson has some strategy thinking about Facebook’s name change to ‘Meta’.

Charlie covers what I have been feeling…the stock picker’s bear market of 2021.

Packy of ‘Not Boring’ has a great essay titled ‘Idea Legos‘.

Last but not least is ‘The Cantillon Effect: How The Rich Get Richer

Have a great Sunday.