Sunday Sentiment…Tiny Bubbles

I switched my Twitter Handle to ‘Tiny Bubbles’ this week because I think we should acknowledge the asset environment we have entered.

On Friday, Rachel did ask what it means and I just answered by sating that her first post college job was at Rally Rd whose tag line is ‘Assets To Appreciate’. She nodded.

If you can’t get enough action trading stocks and crypto, there is a hot market developing in digital trading cards. My friend Fred Wilson has had a few good trades.

On Friday, Gamestop (already a ten bagger) in the last few months climbed another 70 percent because of ‘Reddit Day Traders‘. At least these hooligans are not smashing windows and storming the capitol!

In a fit of the fever myself I bought a few shares of $AMC because they seemed to be gunning for that next…’tiny bubbles’….

As for SPAC’s:

On Stocktwits, the sentiment remains hot with bullish to bearish tagging also at 13-1.

I have no idea when the sentiment cools.

I do know that the supply will keep coming and some pockets of nuttiness will continue because that is what happens when you push people out of cash and bonds with zero interest rates.

My job is not to judge the quality of my gains from managing risk. There is not going going to be an asterisk in my brokerage accounts for 2020 and 2021 because of these ‘tiny bubbles’.

I’m enjoying the hell out it!