I Survived The BULL Market of 2017

Charlie Munger says this about investing:

It’s not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid.


Personally, I believe we are in a Vanilla ETF clowncar headed off a cliff!

It does not matter though what I think or feel. I have been following prices and getting dragged along. I feed the gods some stock along the way because I know it’s not easy and respect what the market has given me.

JC shared this great chart today of the Global Stock Market Index breaking out to all-time highs. Good luck bears.

We live in a world where Jack Dorsey is CEO of a public Company most have never heard of called Square ($SQ) trading tonight at all-time highs – and also the CEO of Twitter, which most of the world has heard of and trading near all-time lows.

Michael Batnick wrote this great piece and hypothesizes that all of us invested right now might just be’handcuff volunteers‘.

As fun and profitable as this boom has been for so many, it is not easy to make money investing. The hardest part of this last boom has been getting and staying invested. For those that did, you are smart, if even for just ignoring all the headlines that have scared most out along the way.

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