Synaptics (SYNA) on Wallstrip…Better Late Than Never?

I generally hate the component companies so it took a long time to get to Synaptics . I am almost a true believer.

Little I can add here that I have not already blogged on Synpatics .

Here was my buy post and here are the rest of them . My mistake has been selling down my position at all. Replace all my sells with more buys and this would have been my big winner of the year next to Navteq and Apple.

The stock acted perfectly during the recent market meltdown and has quickly recovered to all-time highs. If you understand the risk of owning a component play, the stock is buyable today and you can use a stop in the low 50’s (the low of a few days ago). I am going to add some shares using this strategy myself.

The stock is acting just too good. Brian has his take on the pricing picture:

Disclosure – Long Synaptics