Tale of The Tape…’Punch a Banker, Hug a Developer’

$Z (zillow is going public) – hug a developer

$LNKD was priced wrong at the IPO – punch a banker than hug a few developers

$BAC lost $8.8 billion – punch any banker…twice

I have had this ‘Punch a Banker, Hug a Developer’ slide in my deck for a year or so. It’s always good for a laugh, but it’s more than a headline. Our schools are filled with Lawyers and future bankers and the financial sector still takes up 30 plus percent of the S&P.

Certain developers are now being treated as rockstars so while it looks like a time to punch a few of theses developers, you will be wasting your time as the market is rewarding developers, not bankers. You would be wise to do the same.


  1. M. Edward Borasky says:

    Seriously, Howard – “rockstar” or “ninja” developers can kill a company almost as fast as an incompetent marketing department.

    • yes obviously, but you need developers in the peipleline always and you
      never need a nbanker…for that you just walk outside and yell BANKER

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