Talking Dirty to my iPhone and Loving it…It is Pefect’ER’!

I have been nervous about my $AAPL stock and have been a seller at the $400 level a few times in the last month. I bought some back for my kids though the other day at $418 because I was panicked. I was hearing great things from trusted sources on how good the new software was.

Today, the stock is back down below $400, but my kids are asleep and they could give a rat’s ass. I did the right thing for them buying it back.

Kids would make great investors because they are optimistic. They would always be 100 percent invested and that’s just the right way to be. They would also invest in toys and balloons. If I give Max $2 to spend on Candy he will spend the $2 on candy. He won’t leverage it up because that would take time and he hates math. He won’t save 50 cents because he is likely to lose the change.

Margin is a concept kids never need to learn. How absolutely silly is it to grow up and become a hedge fund maneger that gets 220 percent long and 140 percent short to be net 80 percent long. I was that guy. That’s just funky talk for ‘I need to charge you a lot to manage your money and justify all that time I spend underperforming a kid that would use the money to buy toys and balloons.’

Back to my point though….I watched my kids mesmerized by an iPhone 4S today. I have to say I was too. It worked. The freaking speech to text was banging out emails. I am sure this could be done in 1999 and 2009, but all that matters is my iPhone will do it now.

I was talking dirty to the iPhone and it was dishing it right back. That’s hot.

The iPhone 4 did not need a new design because it’s perfect. Now it’s perfect’ER’.

The bears think the S&P should be 500. They will spend hours explaining why. I have been one before and man I sounded smart. It’s quite easy…easier than being a bull.

BUT, ou should not be bearish when products like the iPhone, iPad and Kindle are upon us.

Apple and Amazon have given us toys. They have given us back our childhood and the gift of imagination…right in our freaking hands and at our fingertips. Now they are powering it with voice. It’s almost idiot proof (it is America though).

Be a kid and a bull.

Just stay off margin.


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  2. Kid Dynamite says:

    Howard – you should have immediately awoken the kids when AAPL tanked after hours and screamed at them while wearing a Halloween mask: “YOU ARE DOWN FOUR PERCENT ON AAPL!!! IT”S GONNNNNNNNE>.. ALL OF YOUR SAVINGS ARE GONNNNNNNNNNE!”

  3. Mike says:

    interesting observation – when the ipad came out, the nay-sayers (at the time) knocked it 10 ways to tomorrow , but if memory serves me right (no guarantee there) – almost everyone who converted, (and thats everyone) talked about and justified it by how much their kids loved it and couldn’t put it down – kids loving and using an apple product – the “success tell” going forward? ie – if it doesn’t pass the kid test – aapl has a problem…

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