Tax Day….I am Not a 1 Percenter

Today I am confident in one thing. I am not a 1 percenter. I am also pretty sure that it’s not the 1 percent that don’t pay taxes…it’s the .1 percent.

I always feel like a 1 percenter. I have good income, friends, a home…I make investments.

All that was left for 1 percenter nirvana was no taxes.

Until today.

Color me 99 percent.

The 99 percent just sucks ass.


  1. My former boss Mike Bloomberg once upon a time said that he was happy to pay all of his taxes and hoped to pay more as it was a sign of success for his company. 

  2. andyswan says:

    Fun fact: Top 1% make 20% of income and pay 38% of federal income taxes. Now, back to work you.

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