Tech Crunch party

A very interesting group of people. The coal miners of the 21st century.

Why does CNN and specifically Lou Dobbs take such a simplistic approach to outsourcing. Jobs moved from cities like Pittsburgh to California. Eventually all humans will follow the sun anyway. At least those that have a choice.

The people that start tech companies are young, unjaded and relatively simple. They have HOPE! Their businesses are rather simple to get going from a cost basis AND they are not covered in grime. Is that not a good thing for us and our children? All free cultures will end up consuming commodities and than the useless byproducts. We are all guilty of that.

What is most interesting about the “Web 2.0” companies represented at the parties is that the models get simpler and simpler and live or die in moments. It breathes or it doesn’t and the young people that start them have the energy to pick up and start again if they fail. Further, they are basic lead generation companies focused on selling names to old stodgy companies.

If CNN wants to connect, they should lead into angry and irrelevant Lou Dobb’s show with a high energy, no whine show from the teenager creators of wealth that keeps the country going right now. They give us hope – but definately not someone to hang out at clubs with.

Keep it coming. Kudo’s to Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington. Thanks to my wife Ellen for watching the homefront and letting me explore. I am a lucky man.