Tech Crunch…yet another New Low

This is classic . Some Stanford Punk outing the gaming of YouTube to get 100,000 views.

It’s just another stupid post on TechCrunch that serves one purpose…suck readers in from Techmeme. Got me. Thanks for wasting my time.

Tucked into the last point from the punk was the only relevant information to video producers in this post:

Track your videos and stats properly using TubeMogul . Note – I am biased as an investor in TubeMogul.

To truly succeed building videos on the web you need a solid focused idea, good content, common sense social networking contacts and good tracking.

Viral is overrated. Content still underrated. Anyone who relies on these tactics or unbelieveable PAYS this punks firm to do viral strategies…is incompetent.

Forget the tricks, the ones given are old news. They don’t build audience. Who cares about 100,000 views. Wallstrip does not have one video on YouTube with 100,000 views. That was never important to Adam, Jeff and I…audience was. That comes from showing up every day with an idea and a focus. That created influence. I would say we proved that.

Mike contines to prove one thing…he’s an asshole (but smart at getting traffic).

Here are his own comments in the thread:

I will post a longer response to this later, but frankly I’m disgusted by this.

I think it would have been better to have published this anonymously, and certainly without the links to Dan’s business.

Seeing that Mike is the publisher of this now rag, you have to laugh. Nice new low.

Update – Mike continues to delete my comments and not accept linkbacks from my blog. Class act.

Also – If you don’t belive me about online video and how lame this post was, read a real pro Ashkan on the same subject matter.


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