Tech Still Strong

Booking some nice trading gains in Baidu and Gramin. Should have kept the Google.

Getting schmeissed in VMWare and EMC – anybody know what’s going on, if anything?

In San Fran for a few days. Thanks for any info.

PS – Nice trade by Bank of America in Countrywide. Down $1 billion in 45 days. Even I could do that for them. Sweet.


  1. steve westen says:

    Howard this new girl is way to school marm. cute but the look now is rap video skank. Lindsys lookin very free spirt. Maybe its a wardrobe thing. I dont make the rules I just follow them.
    Do you have any way of playing lows or are you just about the all time highs?

    your a 100% ride the breakout guy?

  2. Eddie Daroza says:

    VMware: Medium and long-term investment case for VMW is still mixed – Cowen (77.49 -1.35)

    Cowen notes the medium and long-term investment case for VMW is still mixed, despite the stocking having retreated 37% from its peak in late Oct. Firm has done a deeper financial analysis in two areas: one that shows a potential source of Q4 upside and another that confirms the underlying decelerating trend in numbers that is likely to worsen in mid-2008. Thus they believe stock could see a lift as investors begin to focus on Q4 results and gauge upside potential to published ests. Outside of this, firm has updated their market model scenarios for recent industry events and Q3 results, which points to the stock trading in line with the market to underperforming by as much as 34% over the next 24 months.

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