Techmeme…Not A Cesspool, but a S.C.A.B.

My edge from Techmeme looks to be gone. It did not take long. This is internet time.

The New name of Techmeme should be SCAB (Scoble, Calacanis, Arrington and Blodgett), Blodgett being the only one on the list with some previous experience in writing.

One year ago, I felt that Techmeme gave me a little edge in investing in technology and internet. The smartest voices on tech subjects that could give a crap about stock prices.

I loved fading the comments as well. Negative comments meant something interesting was going on and viceversa.

Today, as Dave Winer so eloquently puts it, Techmeme has become a cesspool . Hysterical. I don’t think that’s the case, but he’s a nerd and I am a stock guy. The same loudmouths (Calacanis, Arrington, Scoble) were there when I started reading are still chasing wider fame, but in my eye more diluted than ever now that others get heard. Henry Blodgett is pushing the envellope with deeper analysis of the tech/internet companies from a numbers perspective (good), so I need to lump him in with those Yutz’s AND helps complete the word :) .

I really like Gabe and I really like Techmeme and I think the SCA in SCAB needs to show way more responsibilty to keep Gabe’s vision from being polluted.


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  2. Gabe says:

    The way I see it, Techmeme needs to adapt to bloggers, not the other way around. The don’t owe it to me to keep Techmeme pure.

    Last week was very self-referential. I won’t let that continue too much longer…

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