Technology Blogging…Hazardous?

When Eddie sent me the link to this retardo story I laughed.

I read The New York Times business most days and if this is Sunday Time’s worthy, we are [email protected]#ked. They are officially out of money or ideas. The article only proves one thing…that the New York Times has allowed itself to get caught up in the hype, not real journalism. There is no real link betweeen blogging and heart attacks. Maybe the Times just wants to get to the top of Techmeme .Interesting and sad times indeed for newspapers.

Now digging coal mines and working in asbestos environments, maybe.

You have to love Arrington’s quote…’well I have put on 30 pounds and don’t sleep well’.

Let me just explain something to THE NEW YORK TIMES and Mike Arrington…

Mike Arrington is fat and tired because he makes bad choices. Om Malik on the other hand has taken on the ‘Serenity Now’ lifestyle and I hope he keeps it up. I visited with him recently at his offices and he is making good lifestyle choices and still blogging up a storm. He should live :) .

Much like James Cramer, Arrington could post twice a day at this point and fire everyone else that writes for him and have MORE influence.

As for the New York Times, someone smarter than me beat me to the real punch lines of them actually choosing to write about this .

As for technology bloggers…they have it easy. When I was a kid…


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