Technology Changes But Fear And Greed Never Do….And Sunday Reads

SOHO was a different place last night.

It was a beautiful evening and wherever there were open restaurants, the streets were packed. It was nice to see.

A lot of silly and weird behavior is driving some stocks right now. Obviously, technology has a hand in this.

This old Forbes cover started circulating that caught my eye as well. Here it is:

I would add…only the technology changes – fear and greed and stupid behavior have been around forever and fun to see this 1998 Forbes cover making the rounds.

Back to the 1998 cover…

My friend Jason Wild saw my link and added this:

Of course, Jason than found him on Twitter of course:

I of course pinged Serge on Twitter because he invests in fintech startups and will chat with him this week.

Now you know why Twitter is a miracle and should be valued much higher.

Now a few reads…

Travis Barker is not afraid of dying is an inspiring read.

David Perell shared a long list of his all-time favorite links on his blog that should keep you busy and learning for a month. He is a great curator on all things business and writing.

Have a fun Sunday.