Technology Saves The World? …Part 2… and Some Good Reads…

Yesterday I covered Marc Andreessen and Ben Thompson on the subject of ‘remote work’ being the biggest benefit of technology.

The other night I had a quick chat with Naval and Brian over a meal while I was up in Manhattan Beach. It was a lot of fun to catch up on AngelList and the past year.

This morning I was scanning though Naval’s tweets just to see what he has been thinking about and I this tweet from January caught my attention:

‘Remote Work’ may or not be ‘THE’ technology that saves the world, but having a computer in your hand with the software you have at your disposal is enough to save almost anyone from an institutional life.

It is Sunday, so here are a few good reads for you…

Fred Wilson has a great idea for you to purchase your ENS domains. My friend Justin bought mine for me.

I got linked back to this Alex Danco post from 2019 titled ‘Secrets about People: A Short and Dangerous Introduction to René Girard‘.

A topic near and dear to my heart as Social Leverage expands its scope in the next year ‘Why Institutional Investors Should Double Down on VC‘. I would argue that anyone that is investing in VC should be doing this and I have been practicing what I preach this past year and plan to do the same for the coming year. Have a read.

And have a great Sunday.