Tee time content – Go GolfNow.com

We have well crossed the 800 course mark on our quest for 2,000 active courses on the GolfNow.com network. At 2,000 we will be well on our way to the 11,000 public courses that are available.

The company is building out the sales force and the courses remain happy with our efforts to help move tee times.

I am excited about our push into web 2.0 distribution channels. For example, we have been testing an RSS feed where anyone can receive our best tee time deals vis RSS if they subscribe. By doing so, we were able to push our inventory into individual emails and websites and onto the edge with companies like www.Edgeio.com. I can’t tell you whether Edgeio will be a huge success or not – the media claims that it is an Ebay killer. I can say, that it will help push the service and the GolfNow.com brand and will drive traffic. We have positioned ourselves to aggregate tee times and sell them over a vast open network. I believe in our service enough to know that this is a great thing to embrace web 2.0.

Go check it out at www.edgeio.com.

Another example is www.eventful.com. This web 2.0 company aggregates local events and distributes them to anyone that wants them. A very cool and useful service. Not to be overlooked by the titans for long. I know that posting our local tournaments to this service will build transactions and customers. This is gooooood from so many levels. Eventful wants our content – good – they distribute it for us to new customers – good – they do so building our brand – goooood.

The key to success in this new web 2.0 world is to have a good web 1.0 model and leverage the new cool web 2.0 applications.

GolfNow.com is in the sweetspot. Anyone that can build content on a detailed, in depth, drilled down method is always going to be successful, even more so in this web 2.0 world we have entered. The titans have plenty of cash to buy the new leaders. Our model works by itself and as a nice buy for the internet leaders.