Tesla, Bitcoin, Netflix, and Avocados…The Four Horsemen of the Millennials

Tesla, Bitcoin, Netflix and Avocado’s are what I call the four horsemen of the millennials.

Today Tesla reported their numbers and the ‘robo’s seem thrilled. This chart from Marty on Stocktwits made me laugh earlier in the day:

Marty might be on to a new pattern…the Teslasaurus.

Netflix has been in a relentless uptrend. To give it some context, take a look at Netflix versus the movie theatre stocks:

Smart millennials know that it is avocados driving the market. Look at the prefect correlation between avocado toast sales and the S&P:

I am not joking about Avocado’s by the way. Take a look at $CVGW (Calavo Growers $CVGW):

Finally, not even a hard fork could stop Bitcoin. Bitcoin forked yesterday (I refuse to even try to explain it) and nobody blinked. I predicted it was the millennial Y2k event of 2017 and so far that is true.

The millennials may not yet be buying stocks but they are driving them.

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