Tesla Tesla Tesla…Nasdaq 10,000 Is So Close!

I have been transfixed by Tesla the stock the last few weeks.

The stock has killed more shortsellers than the Corona Virus!

Three weeks ago I finally walked into a Tesla store in Scottsdale and asked to be outfitted (I am not buying a Tesla). Obviously I should have done this at least a year ago but the buzz from my close ‘non tech’ friends was not high enough to make me care. That tipped a few months back but I was too sick at the time to dig in. Damn bowel.

I asked the salesman to start at the most expensive possible priced Tesla and let me start removing features. It took less than a minute to see the car I would get and the price dropped from $130,000 to $108,000. I was impressed. Unfortunately I would have to wait six week to get the car. I said thanks and let me think about it. I got no hard sale and he had me to take a picture of the QR code so I could pull up the offer/deal whenever I was ready to buy.

I can imagine sometime soon that car will be ready for me the same day. I might have bought the car if I could have driven it away that afternoon.

I should have walked out of the store and bought the stock. I would have doubled my money last week and paid for the car.

I have no idea why the stock has gone from $300 to almost $1,000 the last few months before falling 30 percent the last few days.

The Stocktwits team pointed out the following wild possible coincidence that I imagine shortsellers will glob onto:

On this day in 1637 the price of Tulip bulbs peaked.

Matt Levine has a good in depth thought piece on all things Tesla the stock from the eyes of Wall Street and financial media.

In the meantime, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are at all-time highs themselves.

I will leave you with some good tweets on Tesla and the markets from Charlie:

Rick James said it best…low interest rates and global easing are a wonderful drug.