Than, Then, It's and Its'…You spell tomatoe, I spell tomato?

People are very involved and offended with my poor grammar. I apologize, but do not intend to fix it.

Maybe it’s its’ its because of the fact that I am lazy or how things sound in my head, but just go with it.

If not, than/then consider this my standardized disclosure post on spelling and grammar.

Disclosure: If you trust Lindzon’s spelling, than/then your kids will be dropouts and never leave home!


  1. Stephen L. McKay says:

    Never gave it a second thought. I have the same problem, but that’s because I’m dyslexic (going over their, to see there new house), and have been all my life. I have several phone numbers, and when I get a new one, or change one, I have to write it down, and it takes about a month at least for me to remember it by heart!

    I know you were an econ major, and whatever you think of Dian Swonk, she did pretty well for herself, considering she too is dyslexic.

    You, on the other hand, may just be, as you said, “Lazy”. Somehow I don’t care, and will continue to enjoy reading you!

  2. annonymous says:

    I read a study about the correlation tween spelling and intelligence. The study concluded there was NO correlation. Speeling bad has nothing to do with how smart you are. (assuming smart and inteligent are the same thing). Add in the creative quotient and I think spelling well these days maybe one of those left over benchmarks from the stoggy group. Like knowing how to balance a check book these days has anything to do with financial success….Ha!

  3. Paul Hess says:

    Your posts are stream-of-conciousness and the spelling & grammer reflect that. Blogs are not treatise(s?), essays, letters or even emails. Just like SMS has it’s own grammer so do blogs.

    Paraphrasing what they said with Reagan at his pinnacle, “Let Howard be Howard” ;-)

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