Thanks NBC Web Video for Giving Us the Saddest Days in Web Video

These days every day is sad for web video, but NBC has taken it down so many notches and so fast that someone needs to be asscanned over at PeaCOCK CITY.

NBC can’t ever explain why they were not in a position to feed the Olympics live and on the web and monetize it. They can only stick their fingers further up their asses by opening their mouths and sprouting arrogance and ignornace…which Zucker seems to have done on CNBC and Rafat Ali rightfully disputes:

On Zucker, he said this yesterday on CNBC: “One of the great things to come out of these Olympic games is that the tremendous use of our digital properties online and the great viewership online and the tremendous number of page views is really teaching us a tremendous amount about what people want to consume great content. And so we’re going to come out of these Olympics with great digital knowledge and hopefully we’ll be able to turn those digital pennies into digital if not dollars digital 50 cent pieces at some point.” Actually, no, you are not learning “a tremendous amount about what people want to consume”…you are only learning how people behave in your own artificially constricted environment. If you really, really set it free, only then will you learn enough about consumer behavior.

Hey Zucker…you are an asshat! Even Yahoo has beaten you on the web :) (I am long , so momentarily happy about anything positive on Yahoo’s front).

The industry is going backwards. I am not going to spend even a moment citing statistics because in this case it’s for putz’s and goons. Some common sense is all that’s needed.

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