Thanks…To Everyone But the TSA

America has been good to me.

I grew up a privileged kid so my journey has been easier than almost everyone.

The only thing I never took to is spelling. Thank god for blogs. I can spell however I want. Only in America.

I went through a very long process and a job I was not thrilled about to get a green card. I was a stockbroker making silly cold calls pitching Bank of Boston and BlockBuster Video in 1991. I knew if Starbucks was coming public we had to be in a bubble. Yutz.

I am fascinated by prices and markets. I am loving this post from Tom Brakke on all things financial.

For all of the craziness that can be found in the market at times, and despite the wanderings of an investment business that often seems to have lost its moorings, it’s still hard to beat the intrigue of it all. What ideas are working and why, and, “Holy smokes! What was that?” From the big picture to the littlest detail, it is fascinating. So, in this posting of giving thanks, I guess I should start with the action of one day, yesterday, and one chart that I see first thing each morning and throughout the day. Oh, the stories it tells.

I can’t share much other than spreading my passion and hopefully there are some people leveraging my learning curve.

I hope you had a great day and a fantastic holiday season ahead.


  1. stephenshearin says:

    What is a blockbuster video? And if it weren’t for the TSA, where would Chertoff sell his scanners? And thanks for sharing your passion – it’s contagious.

  2. Guest says:

    thanks for all the amazing video interviews howard, they rock

    soooo looking fwd to the one w/ mark cuban. happy holidays

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  4. Randy says:

    Howard, I have read the Wallstrip Edge three times now. It’s time for you to write a new book. LOL Thanks for sharing the knowledge! Randy

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