The 12 Charts of 2016 … Semiconductors and New Daily Extra’s 

I’m going to start my blog posts going forward with some daily odds and ends. 

Last night I saw LALA land. Best movie I have seen in years. Go see it. Supposedly it’s the same kid who did Whiplash. Talk about talent. Fun to go to a movie and just be entertained and not wishing it would end. 

Also I have Rachel back at home for a month after her first semester at college. She crushed it. So proud. 

As Wall Street coddles Trump and pays themselves at record rates let’s remember that we should punch a banker and hug an engineer:

As Bitcoin surges tonight past $800 let’s not forget the Trump end of world analysis from the gold mavens …

Imagine what happens when a small fraction of these nitwits become bitcoin mavens


Ok back to the charts …today I bring you semiconductors. 

Semiconductors make my 12 charts of the year list this year because they kicked ass. 

I remember trading semiconductor stocks like Vitesse and Novellus back in the mid 1990’s when those stocks would swing 10-20 percent a day. Now I’m 51 and can’t remember what I had for breakfast so trading is too dangerous. 

This year the whole index just ground its way higher. 

One of the biggest winners was old fart PC chip maker Advanced Micro Devices. Beast mode all year and I’ve watched a ton of bullish chirping and chattering all year on Stocktwits. For the year up over 500 percent.  

That’s better than momo darling Nvidia. This is a stock all the smartypants have been shorting all year and have been run over. 

Between the hype of ‘Internet of Things’ to the real boom because of Voice and Alexa … semiconductors have been in a sweet spot. Machine learning and AI should continue to carry the industry as all the smart people had been chatting about. This piece on Google is a must read and could help explain the phenomenon

The dips are being bought so why be a hero?

Disclosure – Long Rachel, Apple, Google, SMH and Bitcoin