The Ambien and iPad Miracles …People are Good and Karma exists!

I have had two miracles happen to me this year.

The first one happened at The $WYNN hotel in Vegas during CES this past January. I was meeting with Scott Drake of CNBC very early at the hotel (note to self …stop with the early AM meetings as you know you have an Amien hangover) and I left my battery depleted iPad on the table. I did not realize it until about noon while across town. We have all had that dreaded feeling about an iPhone or iPad. With an iPhone it’s the personal patdown we witness everyday and you just feel for that person as you watch them touch themselves like a mime would.

Long story short, I just wrote it off in my head after an hour and assumed it was gone. I felt silly that night approaching the hostess of the now packed bar to ask if anyone had turned in an iPad that morning. She giggled…what a putz I think she mumbled to her hostess pals while opened her own iPad and hugged it. To further dismiss and mock me, she pointed to the middle of the casino and said…try the security guys.

So I went and I tapped the gynormous security guy in the middle of the casino floor…’Did anyone turn in an iPad today?’

Instead of laughter, he teased me with hope… ‘come with me’.

Bastard I thought to myself….’Neumannnnn’.

We walked through the casino as I drafted behind this gynormous man and he came to a door and he knocked. I explained the timing and location and he disappeared for ten agonizing minutes.


They were holding it for me. They had charged it up and once I proved it was me…I had my iPad back. I of course Instagrammed it and offered to follow them on Twitter and told them to buy $AAPL.

The posed, said Twitter was for stupid people that lose their iPads and that I should buy $RIMM.

I made up the $RIMM part.

I will continue with Miracle two tomorrow.


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  2. Ali Javahery says:

    Howard – why not use twitter platform as a way to find lost items…when you lose things the time factor becomes key…don’t you think? 

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