The Apple Watch Launches as Nasdaq Hits All Time Highs…Coincidence?

I am really excited to buy an Apple Watch. It is going to be big winner, but it will chart a slower growth curve. Apple is in no rush which is obvious.

This is the one I want. It has a magical feel and clasp.

I wish I could buy one in the store and so I will wait a bit longer to really see what apps get a little traction.

I do not want to tweet, look at photos, or read news on my watch. I do want market notifications and can’t wait to dive in and curate the perfect rotating set of updates. The watch will soon be my yardage marker on the golf course and my workout partner.

People are freaked out by Apple tactics on this launch. MG sums it up.

Apple is taking a major risk launching the watch. They are jumping in to the game of managing distractions, specifically those caused by the phone that they need to keep selling.

On Stocktwits, people are are not impressed but like the geeks, they are focused on the tech:

@howardlindzon @GolfManLA Homerun? Why because you can wrap a bluetooth screen on your wrist for a few hrs before charging it? Joketech.

— GrindTime (@GrindTime) Apr. 23 at 09:50 PM

While all this is going down, the Nasdaq crept to all time highs today.

The market is hated about as much as the watch. I like that.

In the meantime, Comcast has 128 lobbyists at $17 million blowing their brains out in a dead deal with Time Warner. That’s productive (snark).

The markets are loving the new, open internet friendly American leaders of late. The Apple Watch will creep up on us in this environment.

Apple does not seem focused on rushing watches to everyone’s wrist. This is a confident, Apple. They have a plan.

It is the apps that will drive the deeper adoption and so keep the watches scarce while the early adopters discover the must have apps.

My phone is my computer. I do three things on it. The watch wont be about computing. It will be more about pushing hundreds of ideas, notes, emails and sounds to me daily. Light and lean.

And the time looks pretty cool as well.

People don’t talk about their phones anymore or share apps. They will with their watches.

What say you?


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