The Armchair Entrepreneur and Hello Podcasting

Back in 2009 I wrote ‘The Armchair Entreprener‘. The gist:

I am not sure if it is harder or easier today to run a start-up?

Fifty years ago, if you were had a $1 billion market capitalization, you had 5,000 employees. Now you need 50.

It makes sense that those 4,500 forced to look in should be able to bitch and moan and offer suggestions.

It’s why talk radio mixed with sports has always been such a hit…with everyone BUT the athletes.

As blogging and now microblogging have grown, the armchair quarterback has evolved and mutated to something I call ‘The Armchair Entrepreneur’.

Armchair Entrepreneuring probably peaked back in 2012 with the rise of ‘social proof’ investing and party rounds. Thank goodness.

In 2018…we have ‘Armchair for Everything’.

That just means more noise (despite slower growth) in all the social networks.

It has always taken ‘thick skin’ to build an audience, but if you want to build one starting in 2018 you better be a reptile.

I think it will get harder still as the smart people move from the smartphone and screen to smaller groups, less screen time and voice.

It’s probably why podcasting is the new microblogging.

In that spirit…I am going to spend some time the next 60 days setting up a regular podcast. I still have a lot to get off my chest and so many smart people in my network that I love talking with.

I just need a name for it…

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