The Art of Jim Cramer

Forgetting everything about wrong or right, win or lose, track records (his hedge fund was fantastic), CNBC, television etc, this riff from Jim Cramer is untouchable. He has perfected the financial riff.


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  2. Paul Rubillo says:

    Social Media has officially jumped the shark. “Valuation Revolution” – oy! The window for non-profitable companies to IPO is here, but will not stay open as much as it did in the late 90’s. VC’s are pushing companies on to the runway in a big way. Investors beware.

  3. Ed Smith says:

    Cramer is a fraud, a cheat. In 90’s when he was a regular on Squawk box, would come on premarket and pump and dump his hedge fund holdings. Anyone who was watching back then can confirm. Ask Joe Kernen, David Faber, Mark Haines – they saw it firsthand. Sure, I could make millions too doing that. As soon as he pumped it, someone at his fund sold into the excitement making big bucks for him, burying the little guys stupid enough to listen to him. The SEC investigated and gave him a wrist slap. Go figure, he got away with one. He’s no better than guys like Raj and other insider trading cheats. Should be behind bars.
    Oh, and yeah he’s lived through the tech bull market – sure he has a great record (laughs). He was in love with tech stocks like CSCO at the top and lost over 90% for anyone who listened. He was bullish on them all the way down, but now publicly lies about this fact. As I said, he’s a fraud. I wouldn’t walk across the street (pun intended) to shake his hand.

    • LJ says:

      bitter and tired opinion, with the undertone that you are a way shrewder investor… please.
      i bet when you talk about stocks and your hypothesis the room just lights up, and adoring fans lap at your unending fountain of wisdom.
      hey give the guy a break, its good entertainment, its engaging, and his energy and presentation chops keep me interested in the game

      • Jay H. Mani says:

        So basically lets forget the fraud, deception, and lies and just focus on his entertainment?
        Sounds interesting. In your world its OK for Goldman to sell crap as long as they do it juggling 10 apples and oranges?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed at his energy level. Agreed, his riff is untouchable. He offers anyone who is listening insight on how a successful hedge manager approaches the market on a day to day basis.

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  6. Burgher Jon says:

    I’m not quite as active an investor as most of your readers likely are, but I enjoy reading my financial riffs right here.

  7. zyzzyva57 says:

    Many fail to note something he preaches often, to wit, use his tips and ideas and education, but do your own homework, which is crucial…New to the game, I started watching and just blindly bought, resulting in buying high, selling low
    Thanks to RSS feeds on companies, other learning sites, I am making nice slow money, based on filtering ideas from Master Cramer to do my homework
    If someone is a lemming, a “shepple,” they will lose money
    Based on Cramer, I am making some nice, slow money — I failed when I tried to make Fast Money
    In sum, find out his strong points and his weak points, argue with your TV set when he is on, this will force you to do your homework and actually make money

  8. Anonymous says:

    I could careless if he is a “Tool” the point is valid…love NFLX it is great setup & story, but the question I ponder.. is who’s their competition? Coinstar is it Apple itunes or ComCraptic/NBC and can the basket of stuff they send you be taken away from them(NFLX) ….hence NBC deal …I need the other side to complete the *love*

  9. Randy Redman says:

    Everyone has their opinion from one extreme to the other. I watch the show and listen to him when I can. No I don’t buy on his recommendations but I watch for the education. Cramer is a fundamental guy, I watch so I can keep educating myself on how to analyze the fundamentals of stock and pick up my game on gauging the valuations of them to align with the technicals. A trader can benefit by thinking of it as education and not recommendations. I’ll read the books and watch the show for the learning aspect but will never trade solely on his recommendations.

  10. ivanhoff says:

    I haven’t watched Cramer for years. All I can say is that unlike wine, he hasn’t become better with time, but …he might be right about the potential of social media to become the next hot investing topic in the public markets.

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