The Autonomous Bull Market …

The US stock market is on auto drive pointed at higher prices. 

We have robots, machine learning (mostly about robots I guess), Robo advisors programmed to deposit our money into an algorithm that is supported by the constant printing of money, the poor relative performance of the rest of the world. Nothing lasts forever but I won’t fight this great boom with anything but cash, angel investing, some stocks and my beachfront home. I have one short bet which is Best Buy because I like yelling at something when I drive past a mall. 

My local San Diego smarty pants friend Cullen Roche had this to say on his blog

That’s right … Are you positioned for a bubble that is ahead of us and not behind us?  

How mad will you be if we see NASDAQ 10,000 before NASDAQ 4,000. 

We live in an unprecedented era of mobility for a few billion people. In this world Goldman Sachs was out yeterday saying the market will drop 10 percent and gain it all back before the end of the year. They are throwing darts from a tower 100 stories high as the world connects at street level. 

Not that anyone should chase stocks or angel investing or bonds but in a world where money is still flowing so freely to the US and all types of great and of course silly investments are open to everyone with a pulse and the internet, today is another reminder to keep an open mind.