The Bears Get Bhutto

It seems like only the terrorists and bears are happy about the murder of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

It is the world we live in.

I can’t game these events. The bears will say their freaking charts predicted this. Their charts predicted 100 of 100 last declines…after they happen!

It’s bullshit.

The market was caught off guard. Completely. This happens once in a while. I am no political expert and not a news junkie. I have no real idea about the big implications. The bears and bulls will spin their cases over the coming months. Here is John Carney’s from . Seems reasonable.

The financial mess is the financial mess. Oil has a terror premium. Today’s market had no idea this was coming. Period. Now it will start getting priced in.


  1. Bruce says:

    you exaggerate Howard

    the bears thought Ron Paul would be assasinated & have only predicted 96 1/2 of 100 declines & 200 of the last 7 recessions

    that said: this market is gonna get spanked in 2008 … its written in stone.

    odd, no?

  2. JimK says:

    simplist analysis… we import a $3 bln worth of the stuff from Pakistan…no financial impact from Bhutto’s unfortuante killing. Their nukes are well protected by U.S. forces regardless of whether Musharraf is next given the heave ho

  3. Tim Knight says:

    Dayam, Howard. Were you molested by a short-seller as a child or something? I don’t understand all the bear-hate, especially since your momentum plays have been so good to you. No one I know was “celebrating” the death of this brave woman.

    It’s easy to bear bash in a market like this, just like it would be easy (VERY easy) to bull-bash from March 2000 to October 2002.

    Like the old saying – don’t confuse brains with a bull market. Or vice versa.

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