The Best Brand of 2007/2008 – Nintendo

Business Week hails it as the comeback brand of 2007. I agree. It has quietly climbed 50 plus percent since I bought it a few months back . We also profiled it on Wallstrip and have profiled most of the brands in the gaming sector that matter – Sony, Gamestop and Electronic Arts (easy to look up on our new archive section on Wallstrip home page).

I don’t necessarily agree with the other comeback brands – Citibank, Burberry and Audi, but do like reading through the list of top brands to remind myself of the great companies, especially when the market is so jittery.

If you like to fade cover stories, now is your time :) . I am selling half my position today on the rise and occassion.

Disclosure – Long ERTS , Nintendo (NTDOY ) and Sony .