The Best Time To Invest…NOW!

I continue to get asked the following:

Is it a good time to invest? and,

Where in the cycle do I think we are?

I can only answer these questions from the point of view for how I have invested the last 10 years with Social Leverage, my style of investing and ideas I have bled out on this blog, and how I am looking at the markets today?

We came out of the financial bubble straight into a social media bubble, a biotech boom..quickly into an AI, Robotic, Crypto boom/bust/ bubble and yet here we are almost 10 years after the 2008 financial crisis at or near record highs in technology stocks. Of course today may be the top for everything, but I doubt it. Even if it is, today is a great day to invest.

Let me share a few charts that provide me context for the possibilities of growth, opportunity and investing. This chart I saw in my streams really brought home the ‘public’ (findable, investable, tradable) opportunities open to investors over the last 20 years (click to enlarge):

There may never be another Bitcoin or just maybe, Bitcoin and the decentralized software world offers a possible future where hundreds of companies grow faster than the Facebook’s and Netflix’s of today.

I have covered the enterprise software opportunities over the years on this blog and these THREE charts will hopefully explain why I continue to believe big gains for investors can be found in the years ahead…

Great products get to scale of users and profits faster and faster. A global, mobile, social and possibly decentralized world only add fuel to the fire for the next batch of winners.

As for those that are paid the big bucks to find the new things and zig when others are zagging…hopefully this graphic is inspirational and keeps you focused on reading and digging and playing with all the toys that lead to the next big thing:

There is no BEST time to invest. There is just investing. There is doing it consistently. There is compounding.

The sooner you get started, the faster you find the right people to follow, the quicker you form a strategy that helps you stay in the market by owning the best companies (I call them the 8-80 companies), the better.

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