The Big Long … Part 2. 

As I mentioned in my last post I’m working on a movie called The Big Long

Obviously I want it to be a short movie because while investing sounds really difficult it does not need to be. 

Take a look at this 180 year chart of returns for the S&P and think of all the panics, disease, markets in turmoil, bubbles, cheating and stealing that has taken place. 

One more key clip of data and the summary with it :

It’s fun to read news and trade. It could even be a profitable business. You don’t have to though. You do need to start investing and find mentors that help you stick with a plan that will help you ride the pie expanding uptrend of the markets in the right set of companies. 

The ‘Big Short’ is cool but almost impossible to time. The ‘Big Long’ plus time is money.