The Blackberry Fund…Don't Hate The Players!

One of the first professional VC’s I met in person was Rick Segal , when I was presenting at a Web 2.0 conference back in 2005. Than I bugged him for a few months to invest. He overlooked the pestering and we have become friends and he even invested in Wallstrip.

I am really happy that he hand his firm are now manging the $150 million Blackberry Fund . I am fired up to figure out an app/service that they will fund. Rick told me to go hiking up a mountain, smell some flowers and come back down the mountain with an idea. I will likely just go to RICK’s.

BUT, I know there are people in this community that have ideas and I am happy to make the intro to Rick, one of the coolest guys in the business.

So send me your ideas, apps and services or send them directly to Rick Segal at JLA Ventures.