The Blogging Trend – exploding and sustainable

I am very long blogging. I am not alone.

I am having a great time explaining all I have learned to my offline friends in Toronto. I love the fact that 6 months ago they mocked me and now they are so very intrigued to hear about MySpace and YouTube.

Lot’s of my friends and their wives are logging on and checking out my blog and blogroll. Cool.

I think Minic over at The Blogging Times does a great job updating the state of the blogosphere in an easy to follow layout. Great for beginners and avid bloggers.

A bunch of his front page articles stand out BIG TIME to the TREND:

French Action ,
NBC plays nice with You Tube , and
Baidu (Chinese search giant) launches new blog service

Also interesting is Fred Wilson is scratching his head .

Not a lot of sexy public plays other than the same old Google, Apple and Adobe – but trust me – Wall Street will create more – FAST.

Like the porn producers turn out smut for their audience – so too will bankers create blogging paper (stocks) for their audience.