The Bombay Bubble? …Where the Hell is Bombay

From where I sit and watch, ‘business’ television and Finance Twitter are endlessly chattering about:

1. The China stock bubble and now crash

2. The Tech Bubble and Private Company Valuations and Unicorns

3. The Greek crisis

It makes sense that television and twitter are in a loop…they are great dance partners. One feeds the other.

It’s been a little different on Stocktwits because we like to chatter about making money, not other people losing money. Stocktwits has definitely been focused on the China surge and implosion, riding the $ASHR and it’s components up and trying to figure out when the indexes in China will stop crashing.

This morning I saw this chart from Jack Damn (someone I have followed and trusted for years on Stocktwits but still never met) and it really got me thinking:

Updated: Comparing Major World Indexes Since Jan. 2000. (via dshort). $SPY $FTSE $CAC40 $DAX $NKY $SSEC $SENSEX

— Kas (@jackdamn) Jul. 5 at 08:17 AM

Very few people in my streams have covered The Bombay Index, but the index is up a staggering 900 percent since 2009. I have followed it but focus all my investments in the USA. That’s just a huge miss.

I have never been to India, but this trend is not something I needed to visit in order to catch and ride.

It’s not difficult to find information on the index…just type it into Google.

The media will endlessly talk about what is happening now. Especially TV and Twitter.

Great investors could care less. They focus on what’s been working, managing the risk associated with it, and read endlessly with the hope of understanding what could work once the stuff that’s been working stops.

The good news about Bombay is there is another one coming along as we speak and it might even be just more Bombay.

Exciting times if you read beyond the headlines.