The Bull is Snorting – Part 2 – The NEW FOUR HORSEMEN of the Nasdaq AND The "idiots" are in control?

Wow. Whoa. Yowza.

Apple – all-time high
Google – Ditto
RIMM – Yep
Adobe – Flish Flash the bears were taking a bath!

The new FOUR HORSEMEN of the Nasdaq.

Let’s throw in a little BIDU from that teeny Asian county CHINA! I did a few days ago at 101.

Those are the stocks to watch.

If Intel, Microsoft and Dell are on your screen – buy LUCENT :) .

This is not a market for thinkers. They are buried, steamrolled and puckered out.

TraderTim – poor SHORT bastard threw in the towel today.

This whole bull shebang could end tomorrow. I have NO OPINION. Just following prices. It’s one of those rare periods where the “idiots” are in control (according to the “smart” people).

One thing is obvious. There are a lot more “idiots” than “smart” people.

LONG – Apple, Rimm, Bidu, Adobe and no sane reason why I don’t own Google. Wallstrip does :) .


  1. Brett says:

    What about newer ipo Riverbed?? Symbol RVBD. Hand over fist profits on option calls. Relentless drive higher. Made a high today of 35.17. Buy on low and sell high the same week, fast, consistent cycle of higher lows and higher highs. Up 240% for the year or 1440% year over year

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