The Business of Sleep

I have been writing and about the sleep mega trend for over a decade.

Way back in 2006, I covered it in a Wallstrip episode while bouncing around Manhattan wearing my CPAP machine (minute 2-30 onward might horrify you).

My sleep problems only intensified post the smartphone.

This article from GQ UK titled the business of sleep is a great read covering a wide array of issues and products (It will take 10 minutes).

I believe a tipping point for the sleep industry/epidemic was both Netflix calling sleep the enemy and Apple realizing the value in selling sleep, mostly via a range of functions that stop users using its devices – iOS 12, released last year, included features that limit (Screen Time), cajole (Bedtime) and outright ban (Downtime). Two years ago, Apple purchased Finnish sleep-tracking company Beddit for use in Apple Watches.