The Case FOR Apple…There is NO Case Against Them

There was ONE case against $aapl, the fact that Steve Jobs was going to die. That storm has passed and even though he will die one day, Apple has just too much momentum for it to matter in the next 3-5 years.

Jason has taken a few weeks away from running Mahalo into the ground to write ‘The Case Against Apple – in FIVE Parts ‘. I don’t mind linking to him because you will never go back.

I admit I did not read the article so you should (update I read the article and it’s old stuff rehashed and just wrong) . I just know there is no case against Apple. I don’t own the stock and I have no idea on where the stock is going, but why waste the time standing in front of a freight train, unless you just like hearing yourself talk.

The mobile web is in inning two. Apple is in the thick of it.

Apple is not a monopoly and if it is, I like it. I wish that all monopolies had clean stores, and sweet looking shit. Sure the engineers are unhappy, but show me a happy one…anywhere.

I hate AT&T $T and I still happily use my iPhone.

I am sure Steve Job’s is evil and kicks musicians, but he is likely 1 billlion times better for me the consumer, than the music labels. I feel for the musicians that hate Steve Jobs and iTunes, but they need to block and tackle like all of us bloggers and entrepreneurs shlocking our words, videos and ideas.

The ‘open argument’ is one that will rage forever, but 99 percent of the World Wide Web does not need open nor cares. They want software that works and less spam. I hear that Windows 7 or 700 or whatever number ‘Swallmer’ (Sweaty Ballmer) calls it is good, but 1-699 sucked so I am in no rush to trust Microsoft.

I love Twitter and am happy that it is open, but you get what you pay for. Open rarely pays the bills. Open is almost impossible. Steve Jobs has a closed business to run. Don’t waste his time.

Sometimes the world just needs closed.

The world definitely needs Apple.


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