The Coming Social BOOM ….and Max has Flow

If that was the social media bubble busting, color me happy.

When the internet bubble burst in 2000, a bazillion small individual investors imploded (check Etrade’s stock price today $ETFC). When the credit bubble burst in 2007, the American homeowner blew themselves up (Barney Frank made them do it). Sure, the big banks were bailed out, but their long-term demise was set in motion. They finally inspired enough entrepreneurs and investors to disrupt them.

In 2009, the social media boom began. In 2012, we are in the midst of the ‘crash’. The fallout, according to the Wall Street Journal…Mark Pinkus cried!

I would argue that we have yet to see the great social media company or business, but now the stage is set.

First of all, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Reif Hoffman, Andrew Mason, Ev Williams, Mark Pinkus are not the entrepreneurs that would have ever solved social. No offense gentlemen, and RIP Steve, but not the guys I want over to watch Football or head to a comedy club. Don’t quote me out of context, you know exactly what I mean.

From what I hear from friends that work with him, Marc Benioff is the closest to the idea of social and the future and he runs Salesforce.

The future of social and abundance is about Flow.

Flow is just getting started. Anyone, from anywhere can have flow.

According to my 18 year old nephew Brandon, who just sent me a Facebook message asking for a job, says my son Max, who is 13 and only uses text and instagram…has flow.

Flow and your social leverage will decide your future as much as anything. Same for your startup and small business.

You doubt me of course, but I am living in the flow and loving it.


  1. fb_stockpro says:

    I’m all in on FB. I have never been so emphatic about a stock before. This is the company of the future, period and of story. Facebook has nosebleed growth, among the highest margins of any company on the S&P 500, and zero viable competitors. Facebook is gonna be worth as much as google or apple in the not so distant future with a market cap of $200-300 billion easily.

    Mark will be vindicated for buying instagram, which all the antiquated old media pundits dismissed as being a bubble, but paying $1 billion to snuff out a rapidly growing competitor in retrospect was a bargain, especially when Facebook will soon be pushing $10 billion yearly revenue at a market cap of $100-120 billion.

    9/10 times what seems like a bubble isn’t and anything with an underlying exponential growth trend can be made to look like one. Even risk-free compounded interest will look like a bubble if viewed from a long enough time frame. The pundits are still stuck on Enron and We’ve moved way beyond that.

  2. William Mougayar says:

    I know you’re right. My proof point is that my social Inbox is getting fuller & more interesting (Engagio of course), and my email Inbox is getting mildly annoying more often than none. 

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    • good question. flow goes both ways. you need to be setup to have flow and thats constantly evolving and now with social streams you should give flow to get flow. It used to be one way…TV …separate post coming

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