The Cotton Crash…The Q-tip Bear Market of 2011

The cotton market has bubbled and crashed in the last 8 months.

All the while, my q-tip use has never changed.

Yesterday I wrote that at the edges, the markets were making sense to me with the price behavior of $AAPL and $BAC. Not so in the commodity markets. The commodity markets have never made sense to me. I have traded them of course, but how can you really explain a tripling in cotton prices and an almost round trip over the last 12 months. Check out $BAL for a price picture.

I never really noticed a change in t-shirt prices or my standard of living from the jihad in cotton prices in 2010.

I think the most important thing is to know that markets are being made for everything and people are trading them 24/7/365 and that won’t change anytime soon.

The world is shrinking fast and it feels great to be tapped in to the pulse through Twitter and Stocktwits.


  1. Evelyn says:

    cotton may be the Only place i have not seen this metallic ugly electric blue nail polish im wearing- unless a flying moth-y-wierd prickly-like bug is from cotton-oh no it must be! this sucks- my nails are in all that i know-may be ONE exception but probably not materially attainable

  2. Dudleyr44 says:

    The old commodity king from Orlando that moved to Tuscon took his last shot playing the market.  He last did this to cotton in 1996 when it went from 42 to 1.10,

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