The Craft

When I was a kid I could out fish anyone for small mouth bass on Lake Muskoka. I spent all my time on the lake trying to catch fish.

Yesterday I was reading this Gil Penchina interview and he talked about the craft of fishing and investing. This is my favorite part:

It’s like fishing. The more you’ve been fishing, the better a fisherman you are, the better you know where to find the fish, and the more you build information traps to locate the fish. You know to go way out on this ugly part of the rocks where no one else goes. It’s still very much of a craft business.

It is hard to fake being a craftsman.

I really got into angel investing after Wallstrip was acquired.

At the time YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were exploding. I got the timing and direction right as these three platforms together led to an explosion of opportunity. I also had a lot of conviction so I did not need to focus on being a craftsman at the business of angel investing.

As we have moved from investing off our own balance sheet to now fund 2 at Social Leverage, we have continued to show that we know how to be good at the craft of investing in startups. I think my time spent fishing on Lake Muskoka for the first 20 years of my life will continue to come in handy.

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