The Crypto Passover

I flew into San Francisco early this morning with my partner Gary for a long day of pitches.

It was a gorgeous day.

For a big city I am always amazed at the amount of people I run into as I walk to and from meetings.

The highlight of my day was running into Quincy Smith who I have not seen since he was CEO of CBS Interactive which acquired my last company Wallstrip. I had just run into his partner Mike Marquez across town while heading to our first meeting of the day.

It was also exciting to meet Ross Mason the founder of Mulesoft. His company was just acquired for $6.5 billion by Salesforce. Ross walked Gary and I through the founding of Mulesoft in 2006 (in Malta of all places). Ross quickly moved to the Valley and the rest is history. He also loves investing in startups and in a small world we have both invested in Startstackin.

Later in the day I finally got to meet Parker Thompson who is a great investor and whip smart thinker. He ran the legendary Twitter handle StartupLJackson.

The Stocktwits meetup to end the evening was packed and it was great to see so many fresh faces excited about investing and trading.

I am excited for the long Easter weekend and the beginning of Passover as the family gets together in Phoenix.

I imagine my nephews will be asking me about the Bitcoin crash and my father in law will be shining his gold bricks and telling us I told you so as he puts on Fox News. I will remind him of his same bearish call last passover with Bitcoin at $1,000.

As you spend passover complaining about Facebook (they are pretty evil, but not as evil as the media would like you to think) and not talking to the relative that buried you in crypto at Thanksgiving, take a few minutes to remember that we all paid to save the banks which just took a record $34 billion in overdraft fees.

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