The Customer and Kustomer

Last night this link of Jeff Bezos being interviewed by Charlie Rose in 1999 was being passed around.

You must watch it. Jeff lays out a guide to profit by focusing on customers that is just as fresh today.

I have been investing in customer support for a long time.

I love customers.

Last year my partner Gary led our Social Leverage investment in which came out of stealth in September.

It’s perfect that the company is called …with our new education leadership, the legal spelling of customer might get changed to Kustomer.

I have a lot more to say about Kustomer and customers over the next few weeks. I am also excited that Brad will be fireside chatting with me in NYC next month at Stocktoberfest .

In the meantime, my post from May of last year – ‘The Death of Retail is the Birth of Retail‘ is just as relevant today and has some great links worth rereading. Per the blog post, I remain long Amazon, Shopify and Apple but have since sold Paypal.

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