The "D" in Dell continues to stand for disappointment

They have had fires, recalls, customer service problems and continued disappointing sales. The New York Times has the gory details .

The question is – will it pass?

Every time I see a Dell laptop, I can’t help but feel sorry for the owner. They change the look every two month, but they never get it right.

I have lugged around my 17 inch titanium Apple MacBook for three years and the best Apple can do is not change the new design – other than the camera.

Dell needs a miracle.

Dell ain’t getting one.

Dell is done.


  1. BDG123 says:

    An enterprise value to free cash flow of 10, nearly ten billion in cash and no debt. While I wrote that I would have loaded up on the reactionary low of $18ish, I would not buy here.

    That said, geez, this is the third largest computer company on earth. Done and over aren’t how I would describe it. It isn’t going to have the rocking days of the 90s again but then neither is any large technology company. At least, not for another twenty years when we repeat this stupidity.

    Dell will get it right. Apple will never be more than a niche. Why? Dell, Microsoft and others know the corporate market, which has appreciably higher margins, drives consumer market decisions in PCs. It always has and as long as PCs exist, it always will.

    This bull market was not driven by the busienss cycle, hence the underperformance of corporate focused technology companies and the overperformance of consumer focused technology companies.

    Dude, you need a Dell! lol. (Btw, I agree that all PC manufacturers other than Apple need to do some hiring from Pratt.

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